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The Story of ACID Mitigation Training Academy

To understand why I decided to teach infectious disease control to cleaning people I have to tell a short story. It begins with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, (SARS-1) of 2003 which was the first coronavirus to evolve to cause serious illness in people. Viruses themselves were discovered around the year 1900. And up till 2003, there were a few hundred known coronaviruses in the entire animal kingdom Four of those agents along with parainfluenza and Rhinoviruses cause most of what we call the common cold, in humans. But this new Coronavirus had mutated into something different because it developed the ability to attach itself to receptors deep in the lower repository tract of its victims. Whereas the other viruses only affect the upper tract, making their victims uncomfortable but ultimately everyone recovers. With SARS-1 not only was the agent highly contagious but by the second week of infection, nearly a third of all those ill experienced the now-infamous cytokine storm. Many of those died from its atypical pneumonia. What is not well considered is that many of the people who caught and died from the 2003 epidemic were doctors and nurses. How was it that in an age of advanced scientific medicine that so many hospitals were unprepared? How could the cream of the crop lack basic control measures of personal protection equipment and proper containments to handle infectious disease? SARS-1 had 8000 documented cases spread to multiple countries, including Canada, and resulted in 774 deaths.

The medical-industrial complex seemed a bit more prepared when MERS another serious and distinct Corona family virus spilled over ten years later in Saudi Arabia. Some fast decision making and collaboration between watchdogs like the World Health Organization and regional epidemiologists were lauded for being able to contain the outbreak. But there have been many other infectious diseases moving into human populations. Antigenic shifts of influenza, i.e., HINI and H9N1, Swine Flu, and Bird Flu and added to the burden of Seasonal outbreaks. In 2014 there were 28,500 cases of Ebola Virus across spread across several nations. One case of Ebola made it to Texas and killed the primary carrier and two nurses. We have had relatively recent zoonotic events with the NIPA virus and Hendra virus. Zoonosis is when parasites that formerly infect animals find a new host in some portion of the now seven and a half billion humans on our planet. Check Out janitorial cleaning training .

The point of the story is that none of these facts were unknown among public health officials. Despite that it now seems to me that everyone must have been preoccupied, perhaps watching The apprentice, and failed to notice what is happening in the world of infectious diseases! The furthest thing from my mind last November when I was taking a refresher biology course is that I would be teaching a course about infectious diseases to cleaning people. I had my sights firmly fixed on building my cleaning franchise. With an 80% increase in sustainable sales and adequate profitability the previous year, I was well on my way. It was sometime after New Year’s 2020 that word began to buzz around about a new virus in Wuhan China that was causing respiratory distress syndrome also called “ARDS”. After completing the biology course with Christina Leaders College I began to audit Professor Racaniello’s virology class at the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Columbia’s College of Physicians and Surgeons. I also rewrote my entire operations plan for the coming year, which became my “pandemic Operating Plan. Which I published in mid-March. This incidentally is more than a month ahead of competent judgment published by the CDC, The National Institute of Health, and local authorities. Suffice to say that I made a call to the Governor’s office and expressed my concerns. Check Out Our janitorial cleaning tips And Trainin

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